11 Jan 2012

BlackBerry outage: The three-day blackout

Posted by iwgcr

CNET.com report that Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) is grappling with a system failure that left the network for its BlackBerry devices unable to handle data services. The outage impacted data services, such as e-mail and mobile Web browsing. BlackBerrys in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa were affected.

Blackberry’s users already experienced massive outage in 2007. RIM said the outage was caused by “a new, noncritical system routine that was designed to provide better optimization of the system’s cache”. About this new outage, HuffingtonPost speaks about “The three-day blackout interrupted email and Internet services for tens of millions of frustrated users”. ZDnet speaks about “Serious outage“.

Users were informed by the Twitter’s feed of T-Mobile UK Support and customers were really angry as we can see on RIM’s Twitter feed.




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