15 Aug 2013

Microsoft experiences seven-hour long Outlook.com outage

Posted by iwgcr

Microsoft’s Outlook.com webmail service suffered from sporadic outages for over seven hours on August 15 2013. The issues started around 10AM ET, affecting Outlook.com, the People address book of the mail service, and Microsoft’s soon-to-be-renamed SkyDrive cloud storage service. The SkyDrive issues were resolved after around four hours, and the software maker now says — after seven hours of issues — that it has identified a solution to the Outlook.com problem. It has “brought most services back online,” according to a recent status message. “The rest of services are being brought up gradually.” Microsoft warns that mobile access to Outlook.com is still experiencing issues.

The outages seem to have been widespread and sporadic for Outlook.com users. Some had no issues early on, but then ran into problems at the latter stage of the outage. The problems come just as Microsoft touts 400 million active users of the service, and less than six months after Outlook.com suffered 16-hour long issues following a firmware upgrade at the company’s datacenter.




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