26 Jun 2013

Network connectivity issues at Rackspace Chigago datacenter

Posted by iwgcr

On June, 20, 2013, at 05:10 AM EDT Rackspace Cloud Servers (Next Generation) suffered a extended network connectivity issues impacting some instances at Chigago datacenter impacting thousand customers.

According Rackspace team :

During the planned upgrade tonight, some of the control nodes experienced issues and had to be restarted. This is causing extended network connectivity issues for some instances in our ORD datacenter. Our Operation and Engineering teams are engaged along with our vendor and actively working on the issue.

Customers may be experiencing performance issues or receive intermittent errors using management level services for Next Gen Cloud Servers in the ORD Data center or timeouts accessing their instances.

As of 5:45 AM CDT service has been stable for the majority of customers who experienced issues.

The issue was fixed at 07:38 AM EDT




Critical Data Lost

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