18 Nov 2013

Rockstar’s cloud outage disrupts GTA V online game once again

Posted by iwgcr

Rockstar Games posted a new update in regards to recent character save issues in “GTA Online.”According to a post from the Rockstar Support page on Nov. 18, a representative from the company disclosed that the Rockstar North development team is still looking at several reports from players that were affected by the glitch.

The bug apparently occurred during a cloud server outage on Nov. 16. Although the connection issues have been resolved, the company confirmed that a few problems are still lingering.

Rockstar update 11/18/13 3:00 PM ET: “We are continuing to look into some reports today about various character save issues following the resolution of the Cloud Server outage in Saturday, November 16th.”

Several fans reported that their characters completely changed during the cloud server outage while others complained that their avatars were completely deleted. Rockstar Games previously had to deal with the missing character issues when “GTA Online” was launched last month for “GTA 5.”

Stimulus packages were sent to all players who logged into the online multiplayer mode of the open-world action-adventure video game during the month of October due to the numerous issues. Another batch was sent out recently to compensate select players that lost their cars and vehicle mods. Rockstar Games may have to end up sending out more deposits due to the latest character saving problems.




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