24 Jan 2013

Symantec Cloud 2013 Survey: Some figures on data lost

Posted by iwgcr

Symantec commissioned ReRez Research to conduct the 2013 Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Cloud Survey in September and October of 2012. They contacted business and IT executives at 3,236 organizations in 29 countries. Respondents came from companies with a range of 5 to more than 5,000 employees. Of the responses, 1,358 came from SMBs and 1,878 came from Enterprises.

On topics of interest of IWGCR :

  • More than 40% have lost data in the cloud and have had to restore their information from backups
  • 2/3 of them saw recovery operations fail
  • Recovering data from the clouds is slow. More than one-fifth estimate recovering from the cloud would take tree days or longer
  • 23 percent of organizations have been fined for privacy violations in the cloud within the past 12 months
  • Cloud storage utilization is actually extremely low at just 17 percent. Organizations are paying for roughly 6 times as much storage as they actually need.

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