6 Jan 2014

Telstra cloud console goes offline for two days

Posted by iwgcr

Telstra has confirmed that the management console for its corporate cloud platform went offline for some of its customers for two days starting January 6 2014, in the second demonstration in less than a year that the company’s cloud computing environment may not yet be as stable as the company would like customers to believe.

Telco’s Cloud Services Management Console had been intermittently experiencing major outages since the morning of 6 January. The issue did not cause a loss of service for the virtual machines and other cloud infrastructure which Telstra runs for customers in its datacenters, but did block access to management utilities and details about those machines, as well as the ability to purchase new or redistribute existing services.

The issue was serious enough that Telstra’s senior executive team, including the company’s chief executive David Thodey, was being updated regularly on the issue. Telstra is believed to have called in external assistance from at least one of its vendor suppliers on the issue, believed.

Telstra issued the following statement on the issue: “There were no connectivity issues to virtual servers or internet connections, but some Cloud customers may have had difficulty accessing the Cloud Services management console to view or modify services. The matter was identified on 6 Jan and rectified yesterday (8 Jan) evening. Overnight monitoring and subsequent checks have confirmed functionality has been fully restored. The incident has not affected our 99.9 per cent platform uptime commitment as customers could still access cloud environments throughout this time.”





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