12 Dec 2011

Twitter downtime

Posted by iwgcr

Everyone can check the status of Twitter on the Twitter Status Page. Obviously, the Web 2.0 messaging service gets frequent criticism for its frequent downtime. In fact Twitter was down more than any of the other social networks for the first four months of the year: 37 hours, 16 minutes, meaning it was up 98.72% of the time. Sometimes user may  be experiencing empty timelines. Somestimes Background images are  unavailable.

The whole social network downtime survey shows this summary:

Social network site downtime, Jan 1 – April 30, 2008
Social Network Home page (monitored) Downtime Uptime %
Twitter www.twitter.com 37h 16m 98.72%
Reunion.com www.reunion.com 18h 55m 99.35%
Pownce * www.pownce.com 13h 20m 99.44%
Bebo www.bebo.com 14h 13m 99.51%
hi5 www.hi5.com 12h 59m 99.55%
Windows Live Spaces spaces.live.com 9h 40m 99.67%
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com 7h 40m 99.74%
Friendster www.friendster.com 6h 50m 99.76%
Last.fm www.last.fm 6h 10m 99.79%
Orkut www.orkut.com 3h 0m 99.90%
Facebook www.facebook.com 2h 29m 99.91%
Classmates.com www.classmates.com 2h 20m 99.92%
Yahoo! 360 360.yahoo.com 1h 40m 99.94%
LiveJournal www.livejournal.com 1h 25m 99.95%
Xanga www.xanga.com 1h 25m 99.95%
MySpace www.myspace.com 1h 5m 99.96%

Twitter has often been down on and off for hours. For a real-time communication service like Twitter, that’s a long time to have serious issues like this. The 7th october 2011, TheNextWeb report the issue. 16th March 2011, CNET report another downtime.




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