21 Nov 2013

Xbox.com, other Microsoft sites hit by Microsoft Azure service disruption

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A handful of Microsoft’s online services, including Xbox.com, appeared to be experiencing a global outage on Thursday, November 21st  afternoon.

The outage, which Twitter users began reporting around 3 p.m., also affected Outlook.com and Office365.com, other online services hosted by Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service. Error messages generated during attempts to visit the sites indicated it might be a DNS issue:

 “Service Unavailable – DNS failure

The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

Reference #11.83b302cc.1385076207.1118e9”

The degree to which sites were affected appears to be varied. At one point Thursday afternoon, every region around the world was experiencing “a full service interruption” to its storage services, according to Microsoft’s Windows Azure Services Dashboard. But a later update on the dashboard indicated that the services were back to normal operation in each region.

The outage to Xbox.com comes just hours before the midnight launch of the long-awaited Xbox One, the $499 successor to the Xbox 360 gaming consol.

The issue was solved at 4 p.m.




Critical Data Lost

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