29 Oct 2012

Black Friday: Google App and its users, Tumblr and Facebook down

Posted by iwgcr

On October 26, Google App has suffer an outage due to a cascading failure on traffic routers for almost 11 hour (source).
This outage also affected websites developers.google.com and developer.android.com and have certainly impacted hundreds of thousands developers and web services that use App Engine like Dropbox.

Tumblr has been down for almost two hours too due to a network problems following an issue with one of their uplink providers (source)

Facebook was unavailable for many users in various parts of the world for more than an hour while for their Platform Status all is fine (source)




Critical Data Lost

2012-10-26 Google App 11 hours no
2012-10-26 Tumblr 2 hours no
2012-10-26 Salesforce 1 hour no