12 Sep 2012

Github Down (twice, in two day)

Posted by iwgcr

Github, a go-to site among software developers for shared code and related information and a central repository for much of the major open-source projects of our digital world, having a bad couple of days.

  • On monday September 10, 2012 GitHub.com was totally down for 20 minutes (source). In fact, GitHub status indicate a database problem at 07:05 am PST and a fully restored service at 09:29 am PST
  • On tuesday September 11, 2012 GitHub.com has trouble, alternated between “major service outage” and “partial service outage” messages, from 07:27 am PST to 07:09 pm PST (source).

Github going down is no small thing, developers which acts as a central repository for much of the open-source code that runs our world.





Critical Data Lost

2012-09-10 GitHub 2.5 hours No
2012-09-11 GitHub 12 hours No