17 Sep 2012

Janco: Cloud Disaster Recovery and Security

Posted by iwgcr

Janco Associates sells documents about:

  • Practical Guide for Cloud Outsourcing, can be used in whole or in part to plan for, negotiate, and manage the cloud outsourcing process
  • Disaster Recovery Plan, can be used in whole or in part to establish defined responsibilities, actions and procedures to recover the computer, communication and network environment in the event of an unexpected and unscheduled interruption
  • Security Manual Template, can be used in whole or in part to comply with Sarbanes Oxley, define responsibilities, actions and procedures to manage the security of your computer, communication, Internet and network environment.


IT managers have eagerly implemented cloud applications to reap its many benefits: lower hardware and energy costs, more flexibility, faster responsiveness to changing and new applications, and improved resiliency.

But when disaster strikes, some IT managers find their disaster recovery techniques and hardware configuration have not kept pace with their changed production environment, and they’re stuck, along with their recovery times, in the pre-cloud era. They falsely believe the improved day-to-day resilience of their cloud environment lessens their need for disaster recovery (DR) planning. In fact, the opposite is true: Catastrophic hardware failures in the cloud environments bring down many more applications than in non-virtualized environments, making DR planning and implementation more critical, not less.

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