29 Jul 2013

Rough week for rackspace Cloud Server (Next Gen)

Posted by iwgcr

logo-rackspaceLast week, Rackspace Cloud Servers (Next Generation) suffered four outage.

On July, 21, 2013, from 06:36 PM EDT to July, 22, 2013 02:45 AM EDT Rackspace team report :

a possible issue where customers may be experiencing difficulties connecting to Cloud Files or utlizing the Cloud Backup product on recently built Next Gen Servers. The same issue may also effect new Windows server’s ability authenticate against our Licensing servers.

No explanation was given about this issue by Rackspace Cloud Operations teams.


On July, 22, 2013, from 01:42 PM EDT to 01:54 PM EDT, a new incident is reported:

A small portion of Next Generation Cloud Server customers are currently experiencing issues building new instances

According Rackspace:

Our engineers were able to correct an issue impacting the IP population […] If your build remains affected by this incident, we recommend deleting the affected instance and re-creating your server.


Same day at 03:00 PM EDT to July, 23, 2013, 04:30 PM EDT another issue affect Next Generation Cloud Server:

customers may experience delays when creating new server builds

No explanation was given, only a terse “Currently there are no delays in builds


On July, 25, 2013 from 05:28 PM EDT to 06:25 PM EDT, another issue impacting new Next Gen Cloud Server builds.

During this time, customers may experience intermittent build delays or errors.

The issue was resolved by adjusting capacity loads.





Critical Data Lost

2013-07-25 Rackspace 1 hour no
2013-07-22 Rackspace 26 hours no
2013-07-22 Rackspace 12 minutes no
2013-07-21 Rackspace 8,15 hours no